Prof. J. Zhu - Research Group
Previous post doctoral fellows
Name and project Current Position
Cobbinah, Samuel (1993, UBC)
Fine pharmaceutical powder handling
Research Scientist
A company in England
Yang, Yong-Lin (1994-96)
Fine particle fluidization and downer modelling
Senior Research Engineer
Kellogg, USA
Hong, Jiang (1995-96)
Pneumatic transport/downer
Senior Research Engineer
DuPont, USA
Liang, Wu-Geng (1995-96)
LSCFB, Fluidization of fine particles
Research Scientist
Sabic Oil, USA
Bai, Ding-Rong (1995-97, UBC)
High density riser
Senior Research Scientist
Natural Gas Technologies Centre, Montreal
Rowe, Gerry E (1997-99)
Protein recovery
University of Western Ontario
Wang, Zhao-Lin (2000-01)
Fine powder fluidization
Post Doctoral Fellow
University of Alberta
Qi, Maozhan  (2001-02)
Development of inhalers
Bahrami, Shirin (2002)
LSCFB zinc/copper removal
Cheng, Yi (2001-03)
CFD modelling of riser/downer
Associate Professor
Tsinghua University, China
Yan, Aijie (2004-05)
Circulating fluidized beds
Research Scientist
Ratiopharm, Mirabel, Quebec
Wu, Bangyou (2005)
Non-linear analyses of fluidized beds
Post Doctoral Fellow
University of Calgary
Rai, Harpreet (2006-07)
LSCFB-BNR wastewater treatment
Environmental Process Specialist
London, Ontario
Qi, Xiaobo (2006-07)
Circulating fluidized beds
Research Scientist
Laser Fusion Research Center
Mianyang, China
Zhang, Liqiang (2006-08)
Powder coating for pharmaceutical tablets
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmaceutics
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
Shenyang, China

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