Prof. J. Zhu - Research Group
Other currently research personnel
Name Project
Zhang, Hui (Research Scientist)
Fine Powder Coating (Group Leader)
(Aug. 1999 -  )
Wen, Jian-Zhang (Res. Engineer)
Fluidization and general technical support
(July 1995 -  )
Ma, Ying-Liang (Res. Engineer)
Powder Pharmaceutical Applications (Group Leader)
(May 2000 -  )
Zhu, Michael (Res. Technician)
Fluidization and general technical support
(Sept. 2001 -  )
Rahbari, Mohammad (Res. Engineer)
Manager, Particle Research Facility
(May 2005 -  )
Qiao, Mingxi (Post Doctoral Fellow)
Dry powder coating of tablets
(Mar. 2008 -  )
Xu, Jack (Res. Engineer)
Ultrafine powder handling
(Sept. 2006 - Now)
Zhang, George (Res. Engineer)
Instrumentation support
(Jan. 2007 - Now)
Zhang, Qi (Res. Engineer)
Fine Powder Coating
(May 2007 - Now)

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