Prof. J. Zhu - Research Summary

Prof. Zhu's main research interests are in the fluid-particle systems, powder technology and related research areas. He has been very active in this very dynamic research area since 1982 and has published over 200 refereed articles. Valuable industrial experience has been accumulated while working in the Royal-Dutch Shell Group and through collaborative research work with Canadian and international companies. Major research contributions include the establishment of an important concept of high-density riser fluidized beds, the milestone work on the comprehensive characterization of downer reactors, the comprehensive work on liquid-soild and gas-liquid-soild circulating fluidized bed, the studies on scaleup of circulating fluidized beds, the initiation of a new circulating turbulent fluidized bed reactor and the associated circulating turbulent fluidizaiton regime, and the developments of new technologies. These novel techniques include the effective fluidization of ultrafine powders and their applications to ultrafine powder coating, pulmonary drug delivery, selective laser sintering, and tablet coating, the newly patented powder mixing methods for many powder processed such as powder metallurgy, the application of high-velocity liquid-solid and gas-liquid-solid fluidized beds to the biochemical and environmental engineering processes, such as the economic recovery of proteins from waste streams and a high-efficiency wastewater treatment system. Professor Zhu's current research activities include circulating fluidized bed riser and downer reactors, fluidization and handling of fine and ultrafine powders and its applications, (gas-)liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed and its application to chemical and biochemical processes and wastewater treatment, gasification of biomass and solid wastes and biomass co-firing.

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