Dennis Klimchuk


I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy of the University of Western Ontario, cross-appointed to the Faculty of Law. I have taught at UWO since 1996. My main interests are in philosophy of law and the history of political philosophy.

Recent Publications

"Property and Necessity," James Penner and Henry Smith (eds.), The Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Property (Oxford: Oxford UP, forthcoming 2013).

"Hobbes on Equity," David Dyzenhaus and Thomas Poole (eds.), Hobbes and the Law (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2013).

"Excuses and Excusing Conditions," Francois Tanguay-Renaud and James Stribopoulos (eds.), Rethinking Criminal Law Theory (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2012), 161-74.

Current and Future Research

I am currently working on a series of papers concerning three interrelated topics: the foundations of property and the right of necessity; the foundations of the law of equity; and the place of the rule of law in private law. As well as contemporary private law theory, these topics engage a fair bit of historical material, both legal history and the history of political philosophy (especially Aristotle, Grotius, Hobbes and Kant).