Rhonda Balzarini

I am a graduate student in Western University’s Love Lab. My current research interests primarily focus on romantic and sexual relationships and how to sustain commitment, satisfaction, and passion over time in relationships. Some of my recent research has assessed what features are central to our understanding of being in a romantic relationship; how sexual novelty impacts passion and intimacy in relationships; whether concordance in sexual behaviors and preferences impacts relationships outcomes; and how the negative detriments of sexual ideal discrepancies can be buffered by sexual responsiveness (i.e., being attuned to and motivated to meet a partner’s needs). I also have research that assesses marginalized relationships and how stigma impacts relationships. Overall, my research informs how couples can prosper in their relationships despite sexual incompatibility, relationship orientation (e.g., polyamorous or monogamous), the stage in the relationship (e.g., long vs short term), or stigma, which has broad implications for overall well-being.

Link to OSF page: https://osf.io/rxnhd/