The International Atlas of Lunar Exploration - corrections

Philip J. Stooke

Cambridge University Press

Published: December 2007

Please email me ( if you notice any mistakes. I will post corrections here and incorporate them into a future edition.
Page 111 (text) and Figure 107, Lunar Orbiter 3: The impact site longitude is given as 97.7 W, but it should read 92.7 W. The map (Figure 107) shows the incorrect location.
Page 118 (text) and Figure 120, Lunar Orbiter 4: The impact longitude range on page 118 (22 to 30 W) is correct. It is plotted incorrectly at 22 to 30 E in Figure 120.
Page 195, Fig. 162: penultimate image in Figure 162 is labelled Site III-10. It should be IIIS-10 .
Page 199 (text): 3 June 1969, Apollo Site Selection Board. "... and IIP-12 became Site 5." That should say IIP-13. It is correctly shown in Figure 150 and elsewhere. (Thanks Jim!)
Page 203, Table 30: the entry for Gambart C, near the bottom of the right-hand column, calls it site IIS-0.2 - it should be IIS-10.2 .
Page 222. Charles P. 'Pete' Conrad... Conrad did not have a middle name. 'Pete' was a nickname. His name should read 'Charles 'Pete' Conrad Jr. Also on that page, the date of the SIVB discovery by Bill Yeung should be 3 September 2002, not 2003 as stated. (Thanks Ken!)
Page 229 (text): Paragraph 2, "There were taken as..." should read "These were taken as...". (Thanks Jim!)
Page 232, Fig. 220: This Apollo 12 image of the Apollo 14 landing site is AS12-52-7597 (NOT 7957) (Thanks Ken!)
Page 249 (text): Paragraph 1, the reference to Figure 229 should be to Figure 231.
In paragraph 2, the reference to Figure 230 should be to Figure 229 and the reference to Figure 231 should be to Figure 230. (Thanks Jim!)
Page 257 (text): 2nd to last paragraph, the reference to Figure 324 should be to Figure 320. (Thanks Jim!)
Page 261. Lunokhod 1 location: The laser shots mentioned are being made in 2008, not done in 2006 as originally anticipated. The lander is 2200 m south of the current position of the rover, giving a location of approximately 35.19 W, 38.22 N
Page 266, "depoloyed the third ALSEP" should read 'deployed the second ALSEP' (Apollo 11 deployed EASEP, not ALSEP). Also, the mass of samples collected should read 42.3 kg (42.9 kg is a mistake). (Thanks Jim!)
Page 269, "them Mitchell" should read 'then Mitchell'. (Thanks Jim!)
Page 282, Figure 243: The eclipse noted in the figure occurred on that date in 1973 and was observed by Lunokhod 2, not Lunokhod 1. Lunokhod 1 eclipses (according to the Canon of Lunar Eclipses) occurred on 4 March and 29 August 1971.
Page 292, reference to Figure 250 in paragraph 2... (check - is it ref to 264?) (Thanks Jim!)
Page 312, Figure 273, Station 6A: The name "Allen" should be "Irwin" - Joe Allen was the CAPCOM during this EVA. (thanks Ken!)
Page 314, paragraph 2, reference to Figure 279 showing Luna 16 and 20 landing sites - check - is it worded correctly? (Thanks Jim!)
Page 347, 8th paragraph, mention of LRV camera not filming the LM impact - The overheating and failure of rover systems occurred after the impact. It appears the rover camera observed South Massif at the expected time of impact but nothing was observed. Was the descent trajectory off-nominal? (Thanks Jim!)
Page 355, 4th paragraph, Lunokhod 2's longest drives were on March 17 and 18, not on those dates on February. (Thanks Jim!)
Page 403, Figure 363A: The white box showing the location of Figure 363B is displaced two degrees south of its proper position.
Page 405, 364B - Lunar-A farside target. The text in the box on this figure says 'traget' - should be 'target'.
Page 416, Figure 375: The text label "Dante (page 376)" should read "Dante (page 426)" - this reflects changes in pagination made during the editing process, and the figure was mistakenly not updated. Also, the arrow points to the wrong crater - the correct position is shown in Figure 384.

Philip J. Stooke
Department of Geography
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2

August 2007