Note that there's NO way I can always keep these current! But I'll do my best... from time to time...

  • Research-related:
  • News:
    WWW.SPACE.COM - space news
    WWW.SPACEDAILY.COM - more space news
    WWW.SPACEFLIGHTNOW.COM - even more space news
    WWW.SPACETODAY.NET - still more space news (this is the one I use most)
    WWW.SPACEREF.COM - yet more space news
    WWW.THESPACEREVIEW.COM - good reviews of space news and policy

    Space Agencies, institutions etc.:
    Canadian Space Agency
    NASA's home page
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory - link to the mission of your choice
    NASA Ames Research Center Mars Landing Site page
    European Space Agency science website
    Lunar and Planetary Institute - Houston, host of the venerable Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
    Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow
    Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow
    MIIGAiK Extraterrestrial Laboratory, Moscow

    Apollo to the Moon - links for that amazing achievement, 50 years ahead of its time.
    Links to many mission pages

    Planetary Data System - raw spacecraft data
    Planetary Science Archive - ESA's version of PDS
    LROC image map - search for LROC images on a clickable map
    Midnight Planets - Mars rover images

    Miscellaneous: - a great planetary exploration forum
    The Planetary Society - indispensible source of information, especially Emily's Blog
    Lunar Picture of the Day - images and information - very useful
    Lunar Networks blog - lots of good things
    Mark Wade's Encylopedia Astronautica - excellent resource
    David Portree's blog - another excellent resource
    JPL's Asteroid Radar Research page
    Sky & Telescope - news, magazine etc.
    Astronomy magazine - news, magazine contents etc.
    Aviation Week & Space Technology - magazine contents, etc.

    Google Lunar X Prize - Competiton for private lunar landers/rovers.

    Course websites:

    GEOGRAPHY 2090 (was 136): Space Exploration Outline, Schedule, Materials

    GEOGRAPHY 2240 (was 242): Introductory Cartography Outline, Schedule, Materials

    GEOGRAPHY 3241 (was 342): Advanced Cartography Outline, Schedule, Materials

    PHYSICS 9762 (was 531): Planetary Image Interpretation Outline, Schedule, Materials

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