Asemic Writing

Rosaire Appel, As it were: 17 Asemic Stories

Asemic writing is an “outside” that evokes an “inside” –it is drawn lines that look like language, and thus seem capable of revealing more than the lines themselves.  Yet if writing is lines that hold within them the power of language, we must admit that language too is an “outside.”  Both writing and language are outsides that evoke an “inside” that is meaning.  While we distinguish asemic writing from writing that means –and means through language—language and meaning cannot be equated, for language is only the instrument that conveys meaning.  If it isn’t language, then, what is meaning?  It must be something like an emotionally-laden internal movement or shape.  Meaning’s most accurate equivalent is then abstract –is in fact something like the movements of asemic writing.  Consequently, asemic writing might be the purest expression of writing’s impossible aim, and the paradoxes that must always accompany it.