Grad Students

Research Opportunities

Graduate student positions are not available at this time, but perhaps soon. Both Ph.D. and Masters' thesis topics in a wide variety of research areas are under consideration, and you would be joining an active group.

Present and Former Grad Students

PhD Students:

  1. Leili Rafiee Sevyeri, PhD July 2020 Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Computing in Linear and Polynomial Algebra
  2. Eunice Y.S. Chan, PhD August 2019 Algebraic Companions and Linearizations
  3. Steven Thornton, PhD April 2019, Algorithms for Bohemian Matrices
  4. Robert H.C. Moir, PhD December 2018 Feasible Computation in Symbolic and Numeric Integration
  5. Yiming Zhang, PhD 2013 Computation Sequences for Series and Polynomials
  6. Piers Lawrence, PhD 2013 Eigenvalue Methods for Interpolation Bases Quote: "I would never buy a Mac, they're just too easy to use."
  7. Hui Ding, PhD 2009 "Numerical and Symbolic Computation of the Lambert W Function in Cn x n" (joint with David Jeffrey)
  8. Azar Shakoori, PhD 2007 "Bivariate Polynomial Solver by Values" (joint with Dhavide Aruliah)
  9. Jichao Zhao, PhD 2006 "Accurate Compact Finite Difference Method and its Applications" (joint with Matt Davison)
  10. Amir Amiraslani, PhD 2006 "New Algorithms for Matrices, Polynomials and Matrix Polynomials" (joint with Dhavide Aruliah)
  11. Marie-Paule Gagne-Portelance, PhD 2006 "Computing Feynman Integrals in Non- Commutative Spaces" (joint with Gerry McKeon)
  12. Silvana Ilie, PhD 2005 "Computational Complexity of Numerical Solutions of Initial Value Problems for Differential Algebraic Equations" (joint with Greg Reid)
  13. Mhenni Benghorbal, PhD 2004 "Power Series Solutions of Fractional DE's and Symbolic Derivatives"
  14. Hualiang Zhang, PhD 2000 "Non-harmonic Fourier Series and Applications" (with Andre Boivin)
  15. Xianping Liu PhD 1999 "Symbolic Tools for the Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems"
  16. Anne-Marie E. Allison, PhD 1998 "Analytical Investigation of a Semi-empirical Flow- induced Vibration Model"
  17. Mohammad O. Ahmed, PhD 1997 "Exploration of Compact Methods for Numerical Solution of PDE's" (with Henning Rasmussen)

MSc Students:

  1. Aaron Asner, MMath expected 2022
  2. Jeet Trivedi, MSc April 2019, A Survey Of Numerical Quadrature Methods For Highly Oscillatory Integrals
  3. Eunice Chan, MSc 2017 A comparison of solution methods for Mandelbrot-like polynomials
  4. Leili Rafiee Sevyeri, MSc 2017 A Sequence of Symmetric Bezout Matrix Polynomials
  5. Nic Fillion, MSc 2011 "Backward Error Analysis as a Model of Computation"
  6. Robert Moir, MSc 2010 "Reconsidering Backward Error"
  7. Nargol Rezvani, MSc 2005 "Approximate Polynomials in Different Bases"
  8. Azar Shakoori, MSc 2003 "Solving Bivariate Polynomials by Eigenvalues"
  9. Xiaofang Xie, MSc 2001 "Symbolic Circuit Analysis in Maple" (with Stephen Watt)
  10. Dicheng Liu, MSc 2001 (Comp Sc) "A Notation Selection Tool for Math ML" (with Stephen Watt)
  11. Xianping Liu, MSc 1995 "Perturbation Package to Solve ODE's in Maple"
  12. Valentin Vangelov, MSc 1990