::: Laboratory and Facilities :::

Laboratories located in the Medical Sciences Building of the University of Western Ontario

Currently applying single cell, systems, behavioral, imaging and computational techniques to the study of neuronal oscillations, hippocampal and limbic physiology and models of epilepsy.

Single cell recordings include whole-cell recordings in vitro and intracellular recordings in vivo.

Systems recordings include extracellular recordings of field potentials and units and computational models. Analytical techniques include current source density analysis of field potentials, power spectral and coherence analysis.

Behavioral models include acute drug-induced models of schizophrenia. Behavioral tests include prepulse inhibition, spatial mazes and open field behaviors.

Compartment computational models to explain generation and significance of neuronal oscillations in the hippocampus

Functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain of animals (at Robartsí Research Institute)

Epilepsy models including kindling, kainic acid and pilocarpine induced status epilepticus, immature seizures induced by hyperthermia and GABA-B receptor antagonist.