September 2023
Quantum Chemistry Laboratory, a painting by AI (2023)

Research Overview

We develop theoretical methods and computer programs for studying the electronic structure, physical properties, and chemical reactions of molecules and solids. The focus of our activities is on density-functional methods and their relation to wavefunction techniques. We also use electronic structure methods to solve practical problems of chemistry, spectroscopy, and materials science.

Graduate Student Positions

I am accepting graduate students for start in 2024 or later. Candidates with interest in electronic structure theory and mathematical aspects of quantum chemistry are especially encouraged to apply. All students admitted to our graduate program receive full financial support of at least $29,000 per year. To apply, view our website for future graduate students and follow the instructions provided there. I would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have before or after you initiate your application.

Contact Info
Prof. Viktor N. Staroverov