the TAI lab

the TAI lab

at the University of Western Ontario

Other Fun Stuff - when research isn't fun enough!

Going on a microbe hunt. Gonna catch a small one!

This video was part of an outreach project in collaboration with Noriko Okamoto at UBC. So much fun to do! More were planned in this series, but video-editing turned out to be pretty time consuming and has taken a back-seat for now.

protist T-shirts
Protist silk screens

Inspired and encouraged by very talented friends who bridge science and art (,, Vera dusted off her silk-screening equipment to create designs of fantastical termite symbionts and the ever-elegant dinoflagellates. Here are some of the world's best models sporting Vera's designs :) Contact Vera if you'd like a T-shirt of your own.

CIFAR logo
Spark. A CIFAR podcast.

What's the spark inspires someone to become a scientist? This podcast was created by Vera and her fellow Global Scholars of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research where we share our stories that sparked our passion for research. All the stories are great, and you can hear Vera at ~ 17:00.

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Misconceptions. A CIFAR podcast.

In this podcast, we share often comical misconceptions about our science and research.