Ying L. Ma, M.E.Sc.
A Research Engineer in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, at the University of Western Ontario. She received her Master degree (Chemical Engineering) in September 1998 from The University of Western Ontario. Most of her previous and current research is in pulmonary drug delivery, ultra-fine powder handling, fine powder coatings on medical dosage forms, and aerosol particles measurement.



Sept. 1996 - May 1998
Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada


Sept. 1987 - July 1990
Department of Chemistry
Soochow University
Soochow, China
B. Sc.

Sept. 1984 - July 1987
Department of Chemistry
Nanjing University
Nanjing, China

Professional Experience

Research Engineer Jun. 2000 - Present
Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada
Research Assistant Jan. 1999 - May 2000
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Canada
Research Chemist July 1990 - Jun. 1995
Department of Chemistry
Suzhou University
Soochow, China

Research Interest

Gas-solid fluidization reactor design and heat transfer study in circulating fluidized bed
Aerosol particles behaviors and measurement
Ultrafine powder handling technology, development on new pulmonary drug delivery method, including extrafine drug powder dispensing and dry powder inhaler
Pharmaceutical process and reactors improvement, including tablets/beads coating, drying and formulation


Pulmonary Drug Delivery Research

Development of a prototype apparatus to accurately dispense a microgram level medicinal powder (U.S. patent)

Development of a novel Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) with re-chargeable blister packs without compressed air (U.S. patents, applied)

Characterization of the fluidized dispensing device and DPIs performance with TSI particle size distribution analyzer, Anderson Cascade Impactor and Next Generation Impactor
Tablet Coating with dry powder

Development of new method for tablets/beads film coating with dry powder materials

Design and improvement of the coating formulation and equipment

Heat transfer study in a Co-current and upflow Circulating Fluidized bed.


Selected Publications


Refereed Journal Articles:

Ma Y-L and Zhu J-X. Heat Transfer in the Downer and the Riser of a Circulating Fluidized Bed - A Comparative Study, Chemical Engineering Technology, 24(1), 85-90, 2001.
Ma Y-L and Zhu J-X.  Heat transfer between gas-solids suspension and immersed surface in an upflow fluidized bed (riser),  Chemical Engineering Science55(5),  981-989, 2000. 
Zhu J-X, Ma Y-L and Zhang H.  Gas-solids contact efficiency in the entrance region of a co-current downflow fluidized bed (downer),  Chemical Engineering Research and Design77(A2), 151-158, 1999.
Ma Y-L and Zhu J-X.  Characterizing gas and solids distributors with heat transfer study in a gas-solids downer reactor, Chemical Engineering Journal, 72(3), 235-244,1999.
Ma Y-L and Zhu J-X.  Experimental study of heat transfer in a co-current downflow fluidized bed (downer), Chemical Engineering Science, 54(1), 41-50, 1999.


Zhu J-X, Ma Y-L and Luan W-Q, Heat Transfer in Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds, Chapter 6 in Fluidization Engineering Principles, eds. Y Jin, J-X Zhu et al., Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, 2001.


Zhu J-X, Luo Y, Ma Y-L, Zhang H. Direct Coating Solid Dosage Forms Using Powdered Materials, U.S. Patent, applied, June 2005.
Zhu J-X, Wen J, Ma Y-L and Zhang H. Apparatus for Volumetric Metering of Small Quantity of Powder from Fluidized Beds, U.S. Patent 6684917, February 3, 2004.

Refereed Conference Proceedings:

Zhu J-X, Ma Y-L, "A new breath-activated, excipient-free dry powder inhaler and a rotating fluidized bed powder dispenser for pulmonary drug delivery", Respiratory Drug Delivery X, Florida, April 23-27, 2006.
Zhu J-X, Zhang H, Johnston P M, Ma Y-L, de Lasa HI, Bergougnou M A and Ball J S, "Flow Behavior in the Entrance Region of a Downflow Fluidized Bed", Circulating Fluidized Bed Technology VI, eds. J. Werther, Frankfurt, pp 173-178, 1999.

Extra-curricular Activity

Organizing committee of the 48th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference. (1998)

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Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B9




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