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Research in our lab broadly focuses on biodiversity and ecosystem function relationships using soil systems as models. Soils contain the majority of the world’s biodiversity and perform critical functions such as nutrient cycling and carbon storage.

We use a combined approach of large-scale field observations, laboratory, greenhouse and field-scale experimental manipulations, and theoretical approaches to understand how global environmental changes will impact soil biodiversity and function.

As a research group who study the diversity of life on Earth, we place high priority on being inclusive to diversity among students and our colleagues. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team or learning more about our research.


Lab News

Dec. 4/23 - It's been a long, but successful term!  Congratulations to Emelie who passed his MSc proposal assessment :) and to Pedro who has been approved to transfer into the PhD program.

Sept. 26/23 -Trevor's M.Sc. thesis is available online here.

August 28/23 - We look forward to welcoming our new Honour's research student Paige to the lab starting Sept 1.

August 22/23 - Congratulations to Trevor who successfully defended his MSc thesis today!

May 18/23 - Congratulations to Sam and Cristina for being awarded Ontario Graduate Scholarships for their MSc research.