Research in the Lindo Lab

Research in the Lindo lab integrates community ecology, ecosystem ecology, and taxonomy to study the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function in soil systems. 

The vast majority of my research, and the research of my students, focusses on boreal forest and forested peatland systems.  In partnership with Provincial (OMNRF-OFRI) and Federal (CFS-Great Lakes) partners and collaborators, we operate a large-scale climate manipulation experiment near White River, Ontario called BRACE (Biological Response to A Changing Environment).  

Previous and current students in my lab work across a variety of taxonomic groups including microbes (bacteria and fungi), soil fauna (nematodes, springtails, mites), macro-invertebrate groups (spiders, insects), and plant communities.  Other students work on ecosystem-level processes such as decomposition, and nutrient and carbon cycling.

Research in my lab is mostly student-led projects that investigate aboveground-belowground interactions (of both plants and fauna), and understanding environmental change factors on biodiversity and ecosystem function relationships.  While we perform much of our research 'in the field', we complement this work with controlled laboratory and greenhouse experiments.