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Tenth Series, No. 2: Spring 1998

De:Scribing Albertas (part 1)


Robert Kroetsch in An (Other) Voice: Eggplants, Blood Oranges, and the Vagina Dentata. LYNN ADAMS

Queer Rose Country. JOHN BARTON

Love and Other Unofficial Stories: Reading Kristjana Gunnars. MEIRA COOK

ANo Map for Longing@: The Deceptive Fetish in No Fixed Address. DEBRA DUDEK

AWriting helps me find a pastCand a present@: An Interview with John Barton. ROBERT GRAY

My Own Private Alberta: Towards Identity in John Barton's Designs from the Interior and Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho. ROBERT GRAY

To ASee beyond Screens@: Claire Harris Opens the Close of the Century. SUSAN HOLBROOK


from "in turn." NICOLE MARKOTIC

Landscapes and Inscape in Thomas Wharton's Icefields.   JOEL MARTINEAU

Rustling Race and Sexuality between the AFenceposts of Aritha van Herk's Feminist, Poststructuralist, and Postcolonial Theory.  ELLEN QUIGLEY

Mingling Margins: Yasmin Ladha's Lion's Granddaughter and Other Stories. SHAZIA RAHMAN

AWords Like Buckshot: Taking Aim at Notions of Nation in Hiromi Goto's Chorus of Mushrooms. MARI SASANO

Writing a Feminine and Collective Alberta/s: The Case of   Marguerite-A. Primeau. PAMELA V. SING

Political Pedagogies at the University of Calgary: Reflections on Four Calgary English Instructors' Responses to a Virtual Survey Asking How They Teach AAlberta Writing to Undergraduate Students. THERESA SMALEC

Panel Discussion: Cultural Activism and Publishing: Navigating the Boom and Bust Panel Discussion: Was the West Ever One?

Poetic Statements


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