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Tenth Series, No. 4: Fall 1998

bpNichol + 10

bpNichol + 10.  FRANK DAVEY

Coach House Letters.  DAVID ROSENBERG


Nicholongings: because they is.  LORI EMERSON

False Portrait of bpNichol as Charles Lamb.  STEVE MCCAFFERY

Argument for a Secular Martyrology.  DARREN WERSHLER-HENRY

The bpNichol Archive at Simon Fraser University.  GENE BRIDWELL

Sounding out the Difference: Orality and Repetition in bpNichol.  SCOTT POUND

flutterings for bpNichol.  STEVEN SMITH

Nickel Linoleum.  CHRISTIAN BOK

Extreme Positions.  ROBERT HOGG

An Interview with Steve McCaffery on the TRG.  PETER JAEGER

for bpNichol: these re-memberings.  DOUGLAS BARBOUR

Artifacts of Ecological Mind: bp, Gertrude, Alice.  DAVID ROSENBERG

bpNichol is alive and well and living in Bowmanville, ON.  STEPHEN CAIN

"Turn this Page": Journaling bpNichol's The Martyrology and the Returns.  ROY MIKI


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