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Tenth Series, No. 9: Fall 2000


Guest-edited by Darren Wershler-Henry

Noise in the Channel, or I Really Don't Have any Paper: an Anifesto. DARREN WERSHLER-HENRY

Today, Tomorrow, Apotheosis. LUCAS MULDER

Reflections on Cyberpoetry. BRIAN KIM STEFANS

A Quick Note on Swift Current, the World's First E-Journal. KARL JIRGENS


The Finite State Poetry Machine: A Reading of John Riddell's 'Pope Leo: El Elope'. NEIL HENNESSY

JABBER: The Jabberwocky Engine. NEIL HENNESSY

UbuWeb Wants to be Free. KENNETH GOLDSMITH

The Art of Navigation: The Technological Narrative of Project X 1497-1999. DAMIAN LOPES

The Square Root of -1. CHRISTIAN BOK

Between the Academy and a Hard Drive: A E-cology of Innovative Practice. LOSS PEQUENO GLAZIER


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