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Eleventh Series, No. 1: Spring 2001

Poetry of the 1960s

Poetry of the 1960s

On Seeing Poetic Production: The Case of Hettie Jones LINDA RUSSO

Affect and Intention in Robert Creeley's Poetry During the 1960s. CHARLES ALTIERI

Three Rewritings of the 1962 Poem 'Grandfather'. GEORGE BOWERING

'Particulars of Time and Space of Which One is a Given Instance': Poetry, Science and Politics in the Sixties. PETER MIDDLETON

Lullaby and Sea. FRED WAH

Radical Affections: Charles Olson's Maximus. MIRIAM NICHOLS

'I may be trying to tell what I renounce': George Bowering's Post-Tish Poetics. JASON WEINS

Authenticizing 14. DAVID BROMIGE

Poetry and 'Stupidity': Beats to L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E. KEVIN MCGUIRK

Tish and 'The Problem of Margins'. PAULINE BUTLING


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