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Eleventh Series, No. 4: Spring 2002

The 'open letter' Open Letter issues -- 2

Guest edited by Louis Cabri & Nicole Markotic

Call for online open letters/

I. Letters

17a~'what's to be written?' JESSICA GRIM/

18a~'it's a bit surprising' BRIAN KIM STEFANS/

19a~'breakfast conversation' YOLANDA WISHER/

20a~'reCapitualization' MARWAN HASSAN/

21a~Don't Know Alan. MILES CHAMPION/

22a~'the love letter' MARK LIBIN/

23a~Open Letters: Feminism From & To BARBARA COLE/

24a,b~'Nadir of the W': an interemail CLINT BURNHAM & CHRIS STROFFOLINO/

II. Responses

17b~'sol justitiae' LAURA MORIARTY/

18b~'there's only a half chewed Slimjim' BRENDAN LORBER/

21b~Don't Know Alan ALAN DAVIES/

23b~Blue Studios: Gender Arcades RACHEL BLAU DUPLESSIS/


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