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Eleventh Series, No. 9, and Twelfth Series, No. 1: Fall-Winter 2003-2004

Alice Munro

Guest edited by Heliane Ventura & Mary Conde


Alice Munro's Two Secrets JEAN-JACQUES LECERCLE

The Telling of Secrets. CORAL ANN HOWELLS

Alice Munro's "Lovely Tricks". MARTA DVORAK

Class, "Family Furnishings," and Munro's Early Stories. FRANK DAVEY

Pseudo-Longinus and the Affective Theory in Alice Munro's Stories about Childhood. MIROSLAWA BUCHHOLTZ

Losing and Lost Women: The Early Stories of Alice Munro. DAVID ARNASON

The Corporeal Unspeakable: The Gothicized Body and Alice Munro. KATARZYNA WIECKOWSKA

The Secrets of Intertextuality. CATERINA RICCIARDI

Mothers and Other Secrets. LAURA FERRI

Skunking the Reader: Alice Munro's Olfactory Discourse in Four Recent Stories. GEORGIANA M.M. COLVILLE

"Lying Under the Apple Tree": Alice Munro, Secrets, and Autobiography. STEPHEN SCOBIE

Coded Language in "Runaway". MARY CONDE

Open. Secret. Telling Time in Alice Munro's Fiction. DONNA BENNETT

Open Secrets? Alice Munro and the Mystery Story. RUSSELL BROWN

"Strips of Rough Linoleum" Revisited: Reconsidering Realism in the Works of Alice Munro. MICHELE LACOMBE

The Spaces Between Stories . CRISTINA SANCHEZ SOTO

Writing Secrets as "Betraying the Past." SABRINA FRANCESCONI

Alice Munro's Secret Ort. HELIANE VENTURA



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