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Thirteenth Series, No. 5: Fall 2008

bpNichol + 20

Guest-edited by Lori Emerson

"a writing of your seeing": An Introduction. LORI EMERSON

'a magician explaining his best trick': postcard poetics from bpNichol's "You Too, Nicky". ROB WINGER

Organ Donor: Transplanting my Eye/I into bpNichol's Selected organs. KEVIN MCPHERSON ECKHOFF

'The way the different organs play together': The Technologically Mediated Bodies of Organ Transplant Recipients and bpNichol's Selected Organs. BECKIE KNIGHT

Introduction to bpNichol's First Screening. JIM ANDREWS, GEOF HUTH, LIONEL KEARNS, MARKO NIEMI, DAN WABER

Framing "Off-Screen Romance." JIM ANDREWS

First Meaning: The Digital Poetry Incunabula of bpNichol. GEOF HUTH

the exploits of Captain Poetry: escaping the book, a series of fortunate e-vents. SHEILA SIMONSON

still water, distilled water, water detail, & water vapour. DAN WABER

"And torture one poor word a thousand ways." JOHN HAVELDA

'Hazardous Connections': A Consideration of bpNichol's Poetics of Chain. GEOFFREY HLIBCHUK


The Silent Punster: Nichol's Semiology of the Saints. STEVE MCCAFFERY

Axe-cessing the Void: bpNichol's Activity of Language. DEBBIE FLORENCE

Describing Performance. LYNETTE HUNTER


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