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Thirteenth Series, No. 8: Spring 2009

bpNichol +21

Guest-edited by Lori Emerson

a seeing of your writing: An Introduction. LORI EMERSON

Openings: bpNichol's Ephemera. KIT DOBSON

Anxieties, Orthodoxies, and Histories in (the 1990's Critical Reception of) bpNichol's The Martyrology. CLINT BURNHAM

Hopelessly Devoted: The Sacred and the Sloppy in bpNichol Criticism. STEPHEN CAIN

The Unquiet Poem: bpNichol's Re-Sounding Cultural Geographies. LEIF EINARSON

Generations Generated. STEPHEN SCOBIE

Apocalypse Now: The Four Horsemen Burn Through Atlanta. JAMES SANDERS and MARK PREJSNAR

The Practice of Community: bpNichol and Steve McCaffery in Collaboration. STEPHEN VOYCE

bp Anecdotingly. PAUL DUTTON

Blurring the Borders/Bordering the Blurs: bpNichol and derek beaulieu. JONATHAN BALL

Conceptual Writing and bpNichol. DEREK BEAULIEU

Men Write What Men Mean: The "Pataphysics of bpNichol's Zygal. STEVEN ZULTANSKI


b & P in bpNichol Lane: A Look. MARIE BUCK

city bp, everywhere. BRAD FLIS

Modern Fiction and The Decay of History: bpNichol's The True Eventual Story of Billy the Kid . CARL PETERS


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