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Fourteenth Series, No. 1: Fall 2009

The Martyrology Survivors' Retrospective

Guest-edited by David Rosenberg

Introduction: Body by Nichol. DAVID ROSENBERG

Getting to "The Grace of the Moment" (Reading The Martyrology Book 6 on One's Knees. DAVID SHAPIRO

Thanked by Barrie. FRANK DAVEY

'These glyphs, the gesture of these letters': bpNichol's Gift Economy. CHRIS TYSH

Father's Day: The Martyrology Book 3, Dec. 31 to end. VICTOR COLEMAN

The Martyrology, Book V. ALICE NOTLEY

On First Opening Nichol's Chaucer. GEORGE BOWERING

The Music of Pure Thought: Notes on The Martyrology Books 3&4. LEWIS WARSH

Sentences for bp. TONY TOST

The Martyrology, Book 9, Ad Sanctos. FRED WAH

Learning from Gifts: The Martyrology Book(s) 7&. SUSAN WHEELER

The Authentic Poet in the Late 20th Century: Ted, bp, and Araki Yasusada. DAVID ROSENBERG


Cover photo by Michael Ondaatje

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