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Fourteenth Series, No. 3: Summer 2010

Kootenay School of Writing

Guest-edited by Gregory Betts and Robert David Stacey



"The Dystopia of the Obsolete": Lisa Robertson's Vancouver and the Poetics of Nostalgia. PAUL STEPHENS

Feminist Poetics as Avant-Garde Poetics. ALESSANDRA CAPPERDONI

Empty and Full Speech: A Lacanian Reading of the Kootenay School. CLINT BURNHAM

Ambling in the Streets of Affect: Jeff Derksen's "Happy Locally, Sad Geopolitically. JENNIFER BLAIR

Collective Texts/Interviews

Versus the Atomizations of Power: A Dialogue About The Kootenay School of Writing, Friendship, and Collectivity. DONATO MANCINI, COLIN SMITH

By the Collective, For the Collective, On the Collective. CURRENT AND RECENT MEMBERS

Aroused by Unreadable Questions: Interviews with Lisa Robertson and Catriona Strang. CHRISTINE STEWART

Historical Contexts

KSW: Origins, including Nelson. FRED WAH

Kootenay School of Writing as an Expanded Field: Retrofitting and Insider Knowledge. JEFF DERKSEN

Canonicity and Teachable Texts: A Response to Christian Bok's "TISH and KOOT". JASON WIENS


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