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Fourteenth Series, No. 5: Spring 2011

Lisa Robertson

edited by Angela Carr and Heather Milne


Time in the Codex.  LISA ROBERTSON

Intersection withR's Boat

On Reading R's Boat: An Exchange with Lisa Robertson.  SINA QUEYRAS

After R's Boat (An Altercation among Friends).  OANA AVASILICHIOAEI, RAY HSU

Lyric's Dream.  CHARLES LEGERE


Lisa Robertson, Ezra Pound, and Preposterous Classicism.   BRIAN REED

"Identity Sequins" Collision of Ornate, Classical, and Radical in the Work of Lisa Robertson.   LAYNIE BROWNE

History and Hysteria: Reading The Aeneid and Freud in Lisa Robertson's Debbie: An Epic.  BRONWEN HASLAM

Feminism andThe Weather

"Words are Fleshy Ducts": Lisa Robertson and the Runnel Theory of Poetry.   ERIN GRAY

Lisa Robertson's Poetic Landscapes.  LAUREL PEACOCK

Floating Grammar: Ghosts and Clounds in "Tuesday" of Lisa Robertson's The Weather.   INDRA SINGH

Poets Respond to Robertson

On Last Looking into Robertson's Debbie.  PENN STEWART

The Scaffolding of the Book.  FRANCOIS LUONG

On Lisa Robertson: Re Writing.  MEREDITH QUARTERMAIN

The Paradox of Thrift: An Ursay Regarding the Work of Lisa Robertson by Elisa Sampedrin. 


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