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Third Series, No. 7: Summer 1977

On Modernism and Modernist Scholars: Prolegomenon to a Re-evaluation of T.S. Eliot.  SHYAMAL BAGCHEE

Modernism in the Booklength Poems of Louis Dudek.  EVA SEIDNER

The Interviewer Interviewed.  BARRY ALPERT

Prolegomenon to the Literary and Political Expulsion of John Bentley Mays.  BRIAN FAWCETT

The Politics of the Referent: Essays edited by Steve McCaffery

Steve McCaffery. The Death of the Subject

Bruce Andrews. Text and Context

Ray DiPalma. Crystals

Ron Silliman. from aRb

Charles Bernstein. Stray Straws and Sraw Men

Ellsworth Snyder. Gertrude Stien and John Cage, Three Fragments



Dawson, Wah, Godard, Marchand, Greengrass


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