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Third Series, No. 9: Fall 1978: ALL-INCEST ISSUE

A Contributed Editorial.  bpNICHOL

Bill Bissett: A Writing Outside Writing.  STEVE McCAFFERY

Five Pictogram Poems.  FRED WAH

Transcreation: a conversation with Fred Wah.  bpNICHOL

Mrs. Richard=s Grey Cat: a discussion with Steve McCaffery.  FRED WAH

Research Report Two: Narrative, part 3B Rational Geomancy: A Realignment of Kinships


The Dead Sailors, Chap.1.  GEORGE BOWERING

Louis Dudek=s Red Truck.  FRANK DAVEY

Reading Before Tish.  GEORGE BOWERING

Wild Roses in Clusters/Thomas A. Clark.  bpNICHOL

Reflections on Writing.  JOHN BENTLEY MAYS

Absent-Pre-Sences/Richard Truhlar.  STEVE McCAFFERY

Tabling Content/Shant Basmajian.  bpNICHOL



Kiverago, McCaffery

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