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Fifth Series, No. 5-6: Summer-Fall 1983

Essays on [Performance] and Cultural Politicization

Guest editor: Bruce A. Barber


Performance and the Fetishism of the Art Object.  ADRIAN PIPER

The Question in Performance.  CHANTAL PONTBRIAND

Performance Taken Socially.  DICK HIGGINS

The Literacy of the Spectacle: the Legacy of Walter Benjamin and the Production of Performance.  JERRY ZASLOV

The Place of the Spectator in the Work of James Coleman.  JEAN FISHER

Notes toward an Activist Performance Art.  LUCY LIPPARD

New Wave Rock and the Feminine.  DAN GRAHAM

Post-Bourgeois Ideology and Visual Culture.  KENNETH COUTTS-SMITH

The Enduring of the Art System.  GARY KIBBINS

The Production of Meaning: Karl Beveridge and Carol Conde.  MARTHA FLEMING

Allegorical Procedures: Appropriation and Montage in Contemporary Art.  BENJAMIN BUCHLOH

Notes on Quotes.  MARTHA ROSLER

Appropriation/Expropriation: Convention or Intervention?  BRUCE BARBER

Minimal Art Revisited: a Plea for a New Genre of Theatre.  THIERRY DE DUVE

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