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Fifth Series, Nos. 8-9: Summer-Fall 1984



Essays on Robert Kroetsch

Other Fictions: Robert Kroetsch=s Criticism.   BARBARA GODARD

Delphi: Commentary.  ROBERT KROETSCH

American Poetry Now: Making Room for the Weather.  ROBERT KROETSCH

A Poem out of Love: An Interview with Robert Kroetsch on The Sad Phoenician.   SMARO KAMBOURELI

Robert Kroetsch: rara avis a review of Kroetsch=s critical essays.  ANN MANDEL

Meaning and Narrative Strategies in the Novels of Robert Kroetsch.  A.R. KIZUK

History and Photography in Robert Kroetsch=s Alibi.   EVA-MARIE KROELLER

Structure and Coherence in Robert Kroetsch=s Alibi.   JUDITH FITZGERALD

Con/Texts of Desire: Robert Kroetsch=s Alibi.   ROBERT LECKER

Horses & Houses: Further Readings in Kroetsch=s Badlands and Sinclair Ross=s As for Me and My House.  JEANETTE SEIM

Weathercock: The Directions of Report.  DONNA BENNETT

At Work and Play in The Ledger.  DON MCKAY

Seeds and Stones: Unhiding in Kroetsch=s Poetry.  RUSSELL BROWN

Figuring the Reader, Figuring the Self in Field Notes: >Double or noting=.   SHIRLEY NEUMAN

The Book, its Discourse, and the Lyric: Notes on Robert Kroetsch=s Field Notes.  E.D. BLODGETT

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