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Seventh Series, No. 1:   Spring 1988

The Death of the Author, of Literature, of Literary Theory and of Other Likely Victims, According to Mr. Eagleton, with Several Resurrections, and an Explanation.  LES MUNDWILER

Ideology and Visual Representation: Some Post Cards from the Raj.  FRANK DAVEY

'What is Chosen': Gertrude Stein and Influence and Intertextuality and Grafting.   ALAN R. KNIGHT

Reading, Writing, and the Postmodern Condition: Interpreting Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.  W.F. GARRETT-PETTS

The Discourse of Museums: Exhibiting Postmodernism.  ROBERT R. WILSON

Provincial Classic: on Rereading As For Me and My House.  J.M. KERTZER

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