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Seventh Series, No. 9: Winter 1991

Particular Arguments: a special issue on Bronwen Wallace guest-edited by Susan Rudy Dorscht and Eric Savoy


A Geography of Stories.  DENNIS LEE

The 'Morningside' Interviews (transcribed and edited by ERIC SAVOY)

'the landscape from how I see my poems moving': an interview with Bronwen Wallace.   JANICE WILLIAMSON

'Patterns of their own particular ceremonies': a Conversation in an elegiac mode.   MARY DI MICHELE & BARBARA GODARD

Ordinary Cranium.  ERIN MOURE

Ghost Narratives: a Haunting.  ARITHA VAN HERK

'the stubborn arguments of the particular.' J.M. KERTZER

The Antecedents of 'It': a Poetics of Absence.  ERIC SAVOY

Writing at the Interval.  SUSAN RUDY DORSCHT

'This isn't one to be told / in the third person': Wallace's Life-Stories.  BINA FREIWALD

Bronwen's Earrings.  PHYLLIS WEBB

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