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Eighth Series, No. 9: Summer 1994

Toronto Since Then

(part two)

edited by Clint Burnham

Introduction. CLINT BURNHAM

Bibliopathology: The Writing of the Abject in Daniel Jones's Obsessions. CHRISTIAN BÖK

Lips, Marks, Lapse: Dialogism and Materialism in Thomson Highway. CLINT BURNHAM

An Eglected: Writing Toronto in the Eighties. VICTOR COLEMAN

Queued Up: Karen Mac Cormack's Quirks & Quillets. JEFF DERKSEN

From Breton to Bloor Street: Surrealism in the Poetry of Kevin Connolly. STEVE MCCAFFERY

Writing Moral Stories: Genre and Gothic in Lynn Crosbie. ALICE M. PALUMBO

Dionne Brand: The New Wave Writing that Hates Suffering. SYLVIA M. PRIESTLEY-BROWN

Talking with Jones. STUART ROSS

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful: Feminism and Make-up. KATHERINE SUTHERLAND


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