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Ninth Series, No. 2: Spring 1995

Wanting It Other/Wise: Race, Sexualities, Bodies, Texts

Guest-edited by Susan Rudy Dorscht

Wanting it Other/Wise. SUSAN RUDY DORSCHT

Striking Words: Daphne Marlatt's Trans-gressions in Salvage.   SUSAN HOLBROOK

Stealing the Word(s): The Subversion of Monologic  Language in Di Brandt's Questions i asked my mother.  GRACE KEHLER

`Speaking to newcomers in their language': Jeannette Armstrong, Lee Maracle and academic boundary crossings. JEANNE PERREAULT

Some Things I Think about when I Think about 90s Poetry & Poetics. DOUGLAS BARBOUR

Some Places To Take A Dull Ear: The `Silent' Agent in Nourbese Philip's Looking for Livingstone. WAYNE DEFEHR

Remodelling Life. KATE BRAID

The Poetics of Rita Kleinhart. ROBERT KROETSCH

Poetics of the Potent. FRED WAH

The Partisan Body: Performance and the Female Body in Dionne Brand's No Language is Neutral. MEIRA COOK

On Nancy Shaw's Scoptocratic. JULIANA SPAHR

online: An Interview with Lionel Kearns on Computers and Poetry. MANINA JONES

Notes to the Great Canadian Novel. CLAIRE HARRIS

Moving Out of `the or of either': Reading Liberatory Black Subjectivity in Marlene Nourbese Philip's Looking for Livingstone. DORIS WOLF

Merger, She Wrote: Politicubism in Gertrude Stein and Erin Mouré. DENNIS DENISOFF

Ignoring Poetry (a work in progress).  M. NOURBESE PHILIP

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