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Ninth Series, No. 4: Fall 1995

Race, Gender, Region

A Visible Threat: Jag Bhaduria's Crisis of Representation.  JOHN CLEMENT BALL

Deterritorialization in Evelyn Lau's Runaway.   PETER GEORGELOS

'Who Reads Plays, Anyway?' The Theory of Drama and the Practice of Rupture in The Book of 'Jessica.' KATHLEEN VENEMA

Re-examining the Gaze in The Handmaid's Tale.   KIMBERLY VERWAAYEN

'As sparrows do fall': Sweatman's Fox and Transforming the Socius.  DANIEL FISCHLIN

Fiction Theory as Feminist Practice in Marlatt's Ana Historic and Scott's Heroine.  PEGGY KELLY

Bear Against Itself.  YAEL KATZ

Regionalism and Ambivalence in Canadian Literary History.  JEANETTE LYNES, HERB WYILE

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