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Ninth Series, Nos. 5-6: Spring-Summer 1996

Essays presented at the Robert Kroetsch Symposium, May 9-12, 1994, Niederbronn-les-bains, France, at the invitation of the Centre Interdisciplinaire d'Etudes Canadianistes, Universite des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg

Introduction. FRANK DAVEY

Kroetsch and the Semiotics of North. SHERRILL GRACE

Prairie History and Beyond.  MARTIN KUESTER

Encroaching on the Canon. DONNA BENNETT

Equivocal Epic Descent: Kroetsch's Long Poems. DIETER MEINDL

Heideggerian Elements in Seed Catalogue. DOUGLAS REIMER

Advice Like Snow: Advice to My Friends and the Lay of the Land.  MANINA JONES

>Having Written her Name in his Books.= SUSAN RUDY

The Ampersand in the Garden: Kroetsch and Impeded Narrative.  DENNIS COOLEY

A Novelist in his Making. ALESSANDRO GEBBIA

Surface and Depth. DAVID ARNASON

>The Same Old Story Once Again=: Making Rain and Making Myth in The Words of My Roaring. RUSSELL BROWN

Gazing at Coffins: A Meditation on Erectile Death, for Robert Kroetsch.


Badlands: Where Are the Voices Coming From? SIMONE VAUTHIER

The Theft of the Other's Journal: Kroetsch's Badlands and Cendrars' Les Confessions de Dan Yack. GEORGIANA M. M. COLVILE

The Palaeontologist and the Photographer in Badlands: A Commentary on Chapter 22. HELIANE DAZIRON VENTURA

The Puppeteer. Being Wedded to the Text. LYNETTE HUNTER

Artifice and Desire: Narrative Striptease in The Puppeteer. BRIAN EDWARDS

A God in Rags: Kroetsch as Theory.  E.D. BLODGETT

American Alibis: A Search for Kroetch's Postmodernism. FRANK DAVEY

Robert Kroetsch Works Cited

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