GIS and Multicriteria Decision Analysis: Bibliography, 1990-2004

Jacek Malczewski

Department of Geography, University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario N6A 5C2, Canada


The bibliography compiles over 300 refereed articles on GIS-based multicriteria decision analysis (GIS-MCDA). The search for relevant articles was performed using the following Web-based scientific search engines, electronic libraries, and databases: IEEE Xplore (,  Ingenta (, Inspec (, ISI Web of KnowledgeTM (, Pion Publications Ltd. (, Project MUSE (, ProQuest (, ResearchIndex (, ScienceDirect (, Scirus (, ScopusTM (, SpringerLink (, WorldCat  ( The search was limited to papers published in refereed journals in the period between January 1, 1990 and December 30, 2004. It was done using a Boolean search containing the following terms: GIS and multicriteria (or multiobjective or multiattribute). Initially, any article that contained these search terms was considered as a potential candidate for including into the list of publications on GIS-MCDA. To supplement the automated search, a manual search was also done. The manual procedure involved searching the reference sections of the papers identified by the automated search. Any relevant references within the automated search papers were followed up on. Each article was than reviewed by the author. Inclusion criteria for the review were any theoretical or applied work concerning an integration of the two methodologies or any presentation of a computer-based system integrating the GIS and MCDA methods.

While the bibliography was compiled from various sources, no claim can be made as to its completeness. Any corrections, additions, and/or suggestions will be welcomed and should be e-mailed to Jacek Malczewski at The author wishes to thank R. Marcossian and L. Iannuzzi for their assistance in compiling this bibliography.