paul fREWEN, phd

Psychobiology of                                     Trauma-related Disorders

Photo Gallery

 Following acceptance of the New Researcher Award from the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) in Winnipeg, MB, on June 3, 2010. With then CPA President Dr. Marti Antony. Photo taken from the CPA Publication: Psynopsis 32(3) - Summer 2010.

Me by Robarts Research Institute Centre for Functional & Metabolic Mapping - Nov 26, 2008

Me by Robarts Research Institute (RRI) Centre For Functional & Metabolic Mapping (CFFM) 3T fMRI System - Nov 26, 2008

PhD Convocation at Western: Dr. David Dozois (Left - Dissertation Supervisor, Dept of Psychology), Me (Center), Dr. Tim Frewen (Right - My Dad, Dept of Pediatrics) - Oct 24, 2008