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Hi! This is my website... and here I am visiting the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (Star City) near Moscow in June 1999 (Thanks, Maxim!) ...and at the legendary Outpost in Webster, Texas near the Johnson Space Center in March 2008 (thanks, Matt!) ... and at the Cape (there's only one Cape in the space business) in November 2010 (thanks, Ken!) ... and in my natural habitat, LPSC (sorry, don't know who took the picture) (click images for larger view)

My books:

The International Atlas of Lunar Exploration
The International Atlas of Mars Exploration
The International Atlas of Mars Exploration (second volume)
Atlas of Opportunity (e-book, .epub format only)
NEW - Atlas of Spirit (hardcopy or PDF)
NEW - Atlas of Opportunity (hardcopy or PDF)
NEW - Atlas of Curiosity (hardcopy or PDF)
NEW - Atlas of Lunar Landing Sites (hardcopy or PDF)

useful links

lunar landing sites map
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Mike - Dave

Bookclub website (members only!!)
Course websites:

GEOGRAPHY 2090: Space Exploration Outline, Schedule, Materials

GEOGRAPHY 2240: Introductory Cartography Outline, Schedule, Materials

GEOGRAPHY 3241: Advanced Cartography Outline, Schedule, Materials

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