Nematoctonus Drechsler, Phytopathology 31: 779, 1941

Type species: not designated

Under the one fungus - one name rules, Nematoctonus is now a synonym of Hohenbuehelia

References: see R.G. Thorn & G.L. Barron, Mycotaxon 25: 321-453, 1986; Koziak, A.T.E., F. Chavarria, J. Diaz, M. Garcia, D.H. Janzen & R.G. Thorn. Can. J. Bot. 85 (8): 749-761, 2007; Koziak, A.T.E., K.C. Cheng & R.G. Thorn. Can. J. Bot. 85(8): 762-773, 2007; Thorn, R.G. 2013. Index Fungorum 16: 1-2; Consiglio, G., L. Setti and R.G. Thorn. 2018. Persoonia (in press); and Consiglio, G. and L. Setti. Monografie di Pagine di Micologia, Tomo Terzo (in press).

Note: The anamorphs of many Hohenbuehelia species are undescribed.

  1. Nematoctonus angustatus Thorn & Barron, Mycotaxon 25: 333, 1986 (Ontario, Canada): Hohenbuehelia angustata
  2. Nematoctonus brevisporus Thorn & Barron, Mycotaxon 25: 337, 1986 (Ontario, Canada): Hohenbuehelia unguicularis; the anamorph of H. pinacearum is identical.
  3. Nematoctonus campylosporus Drechsler, J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 44: 82, 1954 (Louisiana, U.S.A.): a probable synonym of Hohenbuehelia portegna
  4. Nematoctonus concurrens Drechsler, Mycologia 41: 382, 1949 (Oregon, U.S.A.): Hohenbuehelia leightonii fide Consiglio and Setti (in press).
  5. Nematoctonus cylindrosporus Thorn & Barron, Mycotaxon 25: 344, 1986 (United Kingdom): Hohenbuehelia petaloides, fide Consiglio and Setti (in press), not H. auriscalpium as per Thorn (2013).
  6. Nematoctonus geogenius Thorn & Barron, Mycotaxon 25: 348, 1986 (California, U.S.A.): Consiglio and Setti (in press) show that sequences identified by this name fall in four separate clades, but there are no sequence data for the type collection, BL Thompson 411 (HSC), and the ex-type culture is lost.
  7. Nematoctonus hamatus Thorn & Barron, Mycotaxon 25: 351, 1986 (Ontario, Canada): Hohenbuehelia valesiaca, fide Consiglio and Setti (in press); the anamorph of H. mastrucata is identical.
  8. Nematoctonus haptocladus Drechsler, Mycologia 38: 19, 1946 (Colorado, U.S.A.): Hohenbuehelia haptoclada
  9. Nematoctonus leiosporus Drechsler, Phytopathology 31: 779, 1941 (Wisconsin, U.S.A.): Hohenbuehelia leiospora; but a sequence of one isolate named this species but with shorter-than-average conidia has been found to be Hohenbuehelia bonii, fide Consiglio and Setti (in press)
  10. Nematoctonus leptosporus Drechsler, J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 33: 188, 1943 (Maryland, U.S.A.): Hohenbuehelia leptospora
    Nematoctonus lignicola Ruokola & Salonen nom. inval., J. Sci. Agr. Soc. Fin. 40: 143, 1968 (Finland)
  11. Nematoctonus pachysporus Drechsler, J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 33: 185, 1943 (Maryland, U.S.A.): may represent an earlier name for Hohenbuehelia izonetae fide Thorn (2013), although sequences identified as this name form two separate clades (Koziak et al. 2007).
  12. Nematoctonus robustus F.R. Jones, Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 47: 57, 1964 (Ghana): previously regarded as a synonym of Hohenbuehelia atrocoerulea (Thorn 2013), but likely an independent species.
  13. Nematoctonus subreniformis Thorn & Barron Mycotaxon 25: 364, 1986 (Ontario, Canada): Hohenbuehelia subreniformis
  14. Nematoctonus tripolitanius Giuma & Cooke Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 59: 215, 1972 (Libya): Hohenbuehelia tripolitania
  15. Nematoctonus tylosporus Drechsler, Phytopathology 31: 779, 1941 (Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia, U.S.A. - type not designated): Hohenbuehelia tylospora

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