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Over the course of her career Dr. Rajan has delivered over 200 academic papers at a variety of locales including the University of Adelaide, University of Alberta, Australian National University, Brock University, Brown University, Bryn Mawr College, California Institute of Technology, University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Los Angeles, University of California-Santa Barbara, University of California-San Diego, University of Cambridge, University of Canterbury (New Zealand), University of Chicago, City University of New York Graduate Centre, Dalhousie University, Delhi University, Duke University, University of Frankfurt, Jadavpur University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, University of London, McMaster University, Unversité de Montréal, Ludwig-Maximilien's Universität Munich, Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, Ohio State University, Oxford University, Princeton University, Queen's University, University of Saskatchewan, State University of New York at Buffalo, Sussex University, University of Sydney, University of Toronto, Trent University, University of Utah, University of Wales-Cardiff, University of Waterloo, University of Western Australia (Perth), University of Windsor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Yale University, and the University of Zurich.

Conferences (organized or co-organized)

(Trans)National Identities: Reimagining Communities

Joint conference between NASSR and the Centre Interdisicplinari de Studii Romantici, Bologna (co-organised with Gregory Kucich, Notre Dame; Diego Saglia, Parma; and Lilla Maria Crisafulli, Bologna).

Romanticism and History

10th Annual NASSR Conference, University of Western Ontario, 2002.

The Histories of Theory

Centre for Theory and Citicism, University of Western Ontario, 1998.

Romanticism and the Ideologies of Genre

Inaugural NASSR Conference, University of Western Ontario, 1993.

Contemporary Literary Theory: Philosophical Assumptions and Critical Practice

Queen's University, 1982.

Invited and Plenary Lectures

"Smooth and Tangled Systems: Philosophy as Metadiscipline in German Idealism." Romanticism and Knowledge, Joint conference of the GER and NASSR. University of Munich, October 2013. (Plenary)

"Evolution and the Organization of Knowledge: Transferences Between Disciplines in Hegel's and Schelling's Systems." Futures of Schelling. 2nd Conference of the North American Schelling Society. University of Western Ontario, August 2013. (Plenary)

"The Institution of Philosophy in Romanticism." Knowledge at the Borders of Disciplinarity. York University, April 2013. (Plenary)

"The Vitality of Idealism: Evolution and Life in Hegel's and Schelling's Systems," Romanticism & Evolution, University of Western Ontario, London, May 12, 2011. (Plenary)

"The Pathology of History: Godwin's Mandeville," Sympathies and Antipathies, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities, Cambridge University, May 2009.

"The State(s) of Knowledge: Hegel and Schelling," Matters of State: Bildung in Nineteenth Century Intellectual History, Katholike Universitat- Leuven, April 2009. (Plenary)

"Excitability: The (Dis)Organization of Knowledge from Schelling's First Outline (1799) to Ages of the World (1815)," Romanticism and Modernity, 17th annual NASSR conference, Duke University, May 2009.

"The Abyss of the Past: Psychoanalysis in Schelling's Ages of the World," Gesellschaft für Englische Romantik, University of Tübingen, October 2007. (Plenary)

"'Something Not Yet Made Good': Cain, Godwin, Mary Shelley," Byron and Modernity, University of British Columbia, October 2007. (Plenary)

"The Disfiguration of Enlightenment: War, Trauma, and the Historical Novel in Godwin's Mandeville," The Godwinian Moment: Revolutionary Revisions of Enlightenment, Clark Library, University of California-Los Angeles, May 2007.

"The Ends of Art: Hegel's Symbolic Art and Schelling's Historiography in Ages of the World," Inventions of Imagination, University of Washington, May 2007.

"The Ends of Art: Hegel's Symbolic Art and Schelling's Historiography in Ages of the World," session on "Aesthetics and Nation in Romantic Theory and Literature," ACCUTE, University of Saskatchewan, May 2007.

"Perpetual Peace, Absolute War; Godwin's Mandeville," Lines of Amity, Lines of Enmity: War and Peace in the Eighteenth Century, Indiana University, May 2006.

"The Last/Lost Horizon: Encyclopedia and Archive in Foucault's The Order of Things," The Horizon, School of Architecture, Ohio State University, May 2005.

"Speculation, Alchemy, Gambling: Godwin's Critique of Pure Reason in St. Leon," Debatable Lands, British Association of Romantic Studies biennial conference, University of Newcastle, July 2005. (Plenary)

"The Powers of Pathology: Godwin's Mandeville and the End(s) of the Historical Novel," Romantic Deviance, 13th annual NASSR conference, Université de Montreal, August 2005. (Plenary)

"The Deconstruction of Justice: Kant and Godwin," Gesellschaft fár Englische Romantik, University of Munich, October 2005. (Plenary)

"The Prose of the World: Romanticism, the ‘Nineteenth Century,' and the Reorganisation of Knowledge," Cultural studies and the Organization of Knowledge, University of Massachusetts-Boston, February 2005. (Plenary)

"Tarrying With the Negative: Encyclopedics and the (De)construction of Totality in German Idealism," Constructions of Europe, Brock University, March 2005.

"The Encyclopedia and the University: Hegel, Schelling and the Organisation of Knowledge," The Legacies of Theory, University of Alberta, October 2004.

"The Encyclopedia and the University: Hegel, Schelling, and the Organisation of Knowledge," McKay Lecture, Dalhousie University, March 2004

"The Prose of the World: Romanticism, the ‘Nineteenth Century,' and the Reorganisation of Knowledge," Victorian Studies Association of Ontario, April 2002. (Pleanry)

"Still (to be) Born: Natural History and the Disfiguration of Reproduction in the 1790s Novel," Evolving Domains of Knowledge and Representation, 10th Annual 18th and 19th Century British Women Writers Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 2002. (Plenary)

"The Unavowable Community of Idealism: Coleridge and the Life Sciences," Coleridge, Friendship and Modernity, University of Warwick, February 13-14, 2001 (Plenary) [Also presented at conference on "Community and (Im)Possibility," University of Western Ontario, March 23rd-24th 2001].

"The University in Crisis: Cultural Studies, Civil Society, and the Place of Theory," Global Humanities 2000, Dartmouth College, 20-22 October, 2000.

"The Mask of Death: Foucault, The Human Sciences, and Literature," Genealogies, Deconstruction, Rhizomatics, Trent University, May 1999.

"Between History and Romance: Possibility and Contingency in Godwin, Leibniz and Mary Shelley's Valperga," George Whalley Memorial Lecture, Queen's University, February 1998.

"History and Romance in Mary Shelley's Valperga," Mary Shelley in Her Times, Keats-Shelley Association of America, May 1997 [also presented at Romantic Generations, biennial meeting of the British Association of Romantic Studies, Leeds University, July 1997].

"The PostKantian University and the Situation of Theory," Networking the Humanities, Consortium of Humanities Centres and Institutes, University of Illinois-Chicago, October 1996.

"From Restricted to General Economy: A Kantianism Without Reserve," Romantic Crossings, North American Society for the Study of Romanticism, Boston, November 1996. (Plenary)

"Keats, Literature, and ‘the absence of the work'," John Keats Bicentennial Conference, Harvard University, September 1995 [longer version read at University of Ottawa, November 1995; University of Wisconsin, October 1996].

"Dis-Figuring the System: Vision, History and Trauma in Blake's Lambeth Books," William Blake's Illuminated Books: Images and Texts, Huntington Library, October 1994; McMaster University, March 1995; [Comparables, University of Western Ontario, September 1995; University of California-Berkeley, April 1997].

"Autonarration and Genotext in Mary Hays' Memoirs of Emma Courtney," plenary paper, Romanticism and the Ideologies of Genre, University of Western Ontario, Aug. 1993. [also presented as plenary address at Altered States, Lexis Conference, McGill University, Oct. 1993].

"Promethean Narrative: Overdetermined Form in Shelley's Gothic Novels," Shelley Bicentenary Conference, New York, May 1992.

"Coleridge, Wordsworth, and the Textual Abject," Coleridge Summer Conference, July 1992. (Plenary) [also read in the Colloquium Series, University of Western Ontario, 1992]

"Disagreement and Difference; Deconstruction and the Economy of Controversies," The Rhetoric of Controversies, University of Waterloo, May 1990.

"En-Gendering the System: Blake's The Book of Thel and Visions of the Daughters of Albion," Romantic Imagination, Melbourne University, July 1989. (Plenary) [Aalso read at University of Western Australia, July 1989; Northern Illinois University, October 1989; Delhi University, November 1989; Princeton University, January 1990; Simon Fraser University, April 1990].

"The Figure of Wordsworth in Deconstruction," Romantic Revolutions, Indiana University, March 1988.

"Reading the Secrets of the Political Novel: Godwin and Wollstonecraft," Association of Canadian University Teachers of English, McMaster University, May 1987 (Plenary) [Also read at Bryn Mawr College, February 1988; University of Chicago, April 1989].

"World Within World: Deconstructive Phenomenology and Shelley's Defence of Poetry," English Romanticism: Recent Trends in Criticism, Northwestern University, October 1986 (Plenary) [Also read at Princeton University, 1987.]

"Unsaying his High Language: The Phenomenology of Disarticulation in Shelley," Indeterminacy, University of Western Ontario, November 1984.

"Romanticism and the Death of Lyric Consciousness," Lyric Poetry and the New Criticism, University of Toronto, October 1982.

"Beckett's Early Work: Anti-Romantic or Post-Romantic?" Romantic Ireland, Canadian Association of Irish Studies, University of Western Ontario, March 1980.

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