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We urge users wishing to share items of potential interest to other members of the Canadian paleontological community to send news stories and other items of paleontological interest to our online newsletter EON.  The newsletter has a Wiki-type design that allows registered members of the Paleontology Division to contribute and edit information as they see fit.  It is the responsibility of EON users to ensure that posted material is accurate and up to date.

This year’s Canadian Paleontology Conference (CPC-2009) will be in Sudbury, Ontario (September 10-13, 2009).  Please click on the link below for the latest details on the conference.  Further information will be posted here as it becomes available. 

The Canadian Paleontology Conference

What’s Happening

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The Directory of Canadian Paleontologists is no longer in operation. It has been supereceded by the Directory of Paleontologists of the World offered by the International Paleontological Association. Canadian Paleontologist are encouraged to participate in the development of this international directory. Details can be found at: http://ipa.geo.ku.edu:591/Directory/

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CPC -2009 First Circular
CPC -2009 Second Circular and Registration
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