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Twelfth Series, No. 2: Spring 2004

Fred Wah: Alley Alley Home Free

Edited by Frank Davey, Nicole Markotic & Susan Rudy


Pauline & Fred: Friends, Poetics, Community MARIA HINDMARCH

You [Fred Wah], the Intermingler. FRANK DAVEY

Stakes, Poetry, Today. ERIN MOURE

Listening into Words. "Again only is it in the thing itself". ROBERT KROETSCH

Re sounding dissent in a time-and-space of imperial delirium. RITA WONG

Let Me Recite What Fred Teaches: or: Form is never more than an extension of the spine. SUSAN HOLBROOK

Poems, Selected by Louis Cabri FRED WAH

Roland Barthes in the Kootenays COLIN BROWNE

Putting Poetry at the Centrre: Three Biotextual Readings of Charles Olson's "In Cold Hell, in Thicket". SUSAN KNUTSON

Letters to the Language: Biotext as Corrrespondence. CHARLESE DIEHL-JONES

"Writing on air for dear life": Richard Caddel. PETER QUARTERMAIN

The Bottom of the Shelf. ARITHA VAN HERK


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