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Twelfth Series, No. 4: Fall 2004

Canadian Small Presses and Micropresses

Guest edited by derek beaulieu & Jason Christie

Six Notes Towards a Poetics of the Small Press in Canada. DEREK BEAULIEU & JASON CHRISTIE

The Use of Small Publishing in London, Ontario. JASON DICKSON

Excavating the "Real Story": An Interview with Karl Siegler. LORI EMERSON

The Fugitive Press out West: Publishing in the Public Domain. KEDRICK JAMES

Cultural Copyright: Conflict and Women's Press. CHRISTINE KIM

Hardcore Lo-Fi: An Email Exchange Between Jay MillAr and Daniel f. Bradley on Smallpress in Toronto. JAY MILLAR

A Conversational Case Analysis of Feminist Publishing: Press Gang (1970-2000). JANET NEIGH

"The Order of Canada": An Interview with Rob Maclennan. AARON PECK

Innocent Looking Faces: Typography at Mother Tongue Press and Greenboathouse Books. MEREDITH QUARTERMAIN

Microimpressions: A Survey of Micropress Publishers Interviewed and Compiled by A.RAWLINGS



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