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Thirteenth Series, No. 6: Summer 2008

New Canadian Poetries, guest-edited by rob mclennan

To All the (Cow) Girls I've Loved, Before. NICOLE MARKOTIC

The Records Spun My Lonesomeness: A Short Essay on David McGimpsey's "Ancient Rock Mythology". ALLESSANDRO PORCO

Interview with Adeena Karasick. ROB MCLENNAN

Transcending Hyperspecificty: Bill Kennedy's Apostrophe. ADAM SEELIG

Will You Play?: A Discussion of Play-in-process and Work-in-progress, Ja = Nine: Scrabbalah. JILL HARTMAN

Stuttering Continuity (or Like it's 1999): An Interview with Lisa Robertson at Cambridge. MARK COCHRANE

You Don't Adapt to an Avalanche: Gerald Creed's Ambit as Working-Class Writing. DONATO MANCINI

That Which Is Called Nothing Is Found Only in Women's Magazines: My Reading of Karen Mac Cormack's At Issue. KEVIN MCPHERSON ECKHOFF

Linguistic Fragmentation as Political Intervention in Calgarian Poetries. DEREK BEAULIEU

A Body in Flux: Lisa Robertson's The Weather. COLIN MARTIN

Canon Fodder: A Correspondence Between. JAY MILLAR and TIM CONLEY

Here Comes the Violence: Poetry, the Mass Media, and Damian Lopes Sensory Deprivation. JONATHAN BALL



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