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Thirteenth Series, No. 7: Fall 2008

Dialogues on Poetics and Public Culture, guest-edited by Lily Cho and Melina Baum Singer


The Public Reading is a Matter of the Public Reading: The 85 Project. LIANNE MOYES, CLAIRE HUOT and ROBERT MAJZELS

Plangent Soundings: A Conversation on Poetics, Peformance and Pedagogy. TARA LEE, GEORGE ELLIOTT CLARKE

A Path to Freedom, a Key to Real Being: the Transformative Power of Poetry and Public Reading. RUBELISE DA CUNHA, LEE MARACLE

Schlemiel and the Cat in the Hat. KARIS SHEARER, FRANK DAVEY

Three Poems. FRED WAH

"Your Culture Has Been Designated a Week": Canadian Poetics in the Global Public Arena. KIT DOBSON, JEFF DERKSEN

. Mistuning the Narratives of Performance JESSICA WYMAN, KATHLEEN RITTER

On Public Readings and Pedagogy. ASHOK MATHUR, SMARO KAMBOURELI


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