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Thirteenth Series, No. 9: Summer 2009

Beyond Stasis: Poetics and Feminism Today

edited by Kate Eichhorn and Barbara Godard

Beyond Stasis: Proceedings of an Unrealized Conference.  KATE EICHHORN

Of Generations and Generativity.  BARBARA GODARD


seeds, streams, see/pages.  RITA WONG

Irritating and Stimulating.  RACHEL ZOLF

In Lieu of a Transgender Poetics .   TRISH SALAH

Body Stuffed Full of Mind.   NATHALIE STEPHENS (NATHANAEL)

A Botany of my Mind in Five Flowerings.   SONNET L'ABBE

Never quite arriving, or: a poetics of anxiety.   NATALIE SIMPSON


The Storm Door, Potentiality and Founticipation.   ANGELA CARR

So Constantly Breathing: Twinned Poetic Statements.   A. RAWLINGS

N/either: Simultaneity and Uncertainty in Narrative.   JENNY SAMPIRISI


Oscillation and Equilibrium.  SANDRA ALLAND in conversation with ANNA CANDIDO

Particle Matter.  NATALIE SIMPLSON in conversation with DEREK BEAULIEU


Impressions of a Cleft (and the urge to erase ...).  MARGARET CHRISTAKOS

Blue Wagon Seekers Establish a Shrine.  JOANNE ARNOTT

Nothing Simply this Way Comes: Contemporary Feminist Poetics.  SINA QUEYRAS

Negotiations of Political Value in Feminist Poetics: Past Experiments, Present Quandries.  ELENA BASILE

Across the Generational Divide.   HEATHER MILNE


A Digital Lyric: Rachel Zolf's Human Resources.  HOLLY DUPREJ

"The Good Sentences of Sleep": Parasomnia and 'Pataplay in the Poetry of Angela Rawlings and Sylvia Legris.  ERIN GRAY

Ruscitations in Rita Wong's forage: Globalization, Ecologies, and Value Chains.  CHRISTINE KIM

Rewriting, Translating, Echoing: The Postmodern Feminist Poetics of Margaret Christakos, Sandra Alland and Angela Carr.  JOHN STOUT

Une vie en vrac: Natalie Stephen's The Sorrow and the Fast of it ANDREW ZAWACKI

Slipping Teeth into a Lemon: Reading Sina Queyras Reading.  SUZANNE ZELAZO

Afterword: Out of the Frame.   LOLA LEMIRE TOSTEVIN


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