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Fourth Series, Nos. 6&7: Winter 1980-81


Edited by the Toronto Research Group


Approaches to Problems in the Canadian Consciousness

The F-Claim to Shape in A =Patalogomena Towards a Zero Reading (For Ihab Hassan).  STEVE McCAFFERY

The Mind-Body Issue.  OPAL L. NATIONS

Parasite Maintenance.  CHRIS DEWDNEY

Three Observations on the Everyday.  TOBY MACLENNAN

A Theory of Snow Prevention.  ROBERT FONES

Rediscovery of the 22-Letter Alphabet: An Archaeological Report.  bpNICHOL

X-Y-Z Chromosomes.  OPAL L. NATIONS

The Strange Journey of Master P=eng.   ANTHONY MACGINNI

A Note on Formula Four: the Life and Works of Pierre Le Coeur.  LLEDDIRR NHAH NHOJ

The Merits of Malleability (from The Art of Conversation Series).  FREDERICK ETMANSKI

Theories of Linguistic Onto-Genetics

An Approach to Linguistic Onto-Genetics.  MICHAEL DEAN

Toward a Constructivist Theory of Linguistic Onto-Genetics.  RICHARD TRUHLAR

From Linguistic Onto-Genetics to Euclidean Projectivist Linguistics [with supplementary letter].  DAVID PENHALE

Letter to L=Institut Onto-Genetique.   STEVE SMITH

The Crisis of the Cultural Masterwork in Linguistic Onto-Genetics.  RICHARD TRUHLAR

Toward a Grammatology of the Canadian Unconscious

Hmmrian Studies: Some Reports.  DR. R.W. SANDERSON

Piccu Carlu: The Muskoka-Maya Connection.  PROF. KURT WURSTWAGEN

Report from Piccu Carlu: The Muskokan-Mayan Shift.  RICHARD TRUHLAR

Ambulatory Signification: A Letter.  ADRIAN FORTESQUE

The Muskoka Letter of Pere Jacques Cenville.  DR. ARNOLD ARBUTHNOT

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