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Sixth Series, No. 9: Fall 1987


Introduction. bpNICHOL

Panoptical Artifice. CHARLES BERNSTEIN

The Sonic Graffitist: Steve McCaffery as Improvisor. PAUL DUTTON

Grammatology & Economy. MICHAEL COFFEY

Dr. Sadhu=s Semi-Opticks, or How to Write a Virtual-Novel by the Book: Steve McCaffery=s Panopticon. RAFAEL BARRETO-RIVERA

Steve McCaffery=s Panopticon. WILLIAM MCPHERON

from Music at the Heart of Thinking (for Steve McCaffery). FRED WAH

from What Else Should a Rubber Stamp Say? STEVE MCCAFFERY

The Annotated, Anecdoted, Beginnings of a Critical Checklist of the Published Works of Steve McCaffery. bpNICHOL

Documentation of Steve McCaffery=s The Pluralities. STEVEN R. SMITH

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