The Physical Flute, Mayfair Publications, 1984. Reissued 2006.

Physical FluteThis book is about freedom. It is about living with an instrument for a lifetime, and the total awareness and understanding that this demands.

The emphasis throughout is on repetition of detailed control which will result in a solid technique and a powerful expressive tone.





"The Physical Flute is a fascinating study with a human pragmatic approach to flute playing. It will be of interest to both student and teacher. I recommend it highly."
New York Philharmonic

"The Physical Flute represents a positive, reinforcing enthusiatic and encouraging approach to playing a wind instrument. This book promotes a 'thought-first' approach; it contains the best ideals and combines in a realistic and usable way some of the most recent thinking on the playing of music instruments."
Professor of Bassoon, Ohio State University



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